Sunday, 19 September 2010

My story writing plan & story


Verbs doing/ACTION WORDS
nouns: Naming words
as bright as staining at the sun for 3 min
bang boom pop bang ziz boom.


Bang Boom Pop Bang Ziz Boom as the lighting struck. Maddy Steph and I were in the lounge when it happened it was so bright it was like staining at the sun for 3 min (ouch). The thounder was chutting behind us it was like someone banging there hand on the table(but louder) The hale was pitting on the roufh and neary ever secound was a bang. Then all of a stound we herd a drip drip drip what was it so steph said "Dave what is that driping noise" Dad draged him self out of bed like a snake slithing along the groung dad pulled the certons open and right there dad let out a screm "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR" "what was it i said to my self" "what dad" *the water is dripping off the roof we all went to our towels and that was the the lovely storm

*The water was dripping like a waterfall but in side, so we all went to get our towels and that was the lovely storm inside our house.

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