Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Year 6 leaving Writing

Riverdale, I have had a blast!!!!. I have had some amazing teachers like Wonderful Walker, Marvelous Murphy, Bright Burgess, Terrific Tamater and Termendis TeeCee and all of the other bright teachers here at Riverdale school. Not only have I enjoyed the teachers I have made some great friends and done some AWESOME things like Dance Explores, Interschool Athletics and Interschool Cross- Country, The Riverdale school Cross- Country, Swimming Sports, Had some awesome camps and heps more. My years 5 and 6have been my favorite years here. I just want to say thanks you for having me but it is time for me to slid on out of here from Riverdale to Intermedate soooooooooooooooooo Good luck everyone and good bye.

Lucy :)


  1. good piece of writing luce you explained your years here very well

  2. really cool luce I like how you explained how much things you have done at riverdale school
    good piece of writing